Video: “Fairytale” (by Nonhle Thema Productions and Don’t Look Down)

Liquideep have already risen to the top thanks to their sweetly sincere and acutely melodic approach to deep house. The duo’s tune “Fairytale” was a sensation, cutting through the clutter of fabricated pop and straight into the mainstream with its rich hooks and striking chorus.

Now Liquideep are solidifying their status as the hottest house crossover act in the country with the soul-stirring ‘Fabrics Of The Heart’ album, their artist debut proper following their mix on the Platinum-selling ‘House Afrika Sessions’ CD.

“Fairytale” was a fairytale success for singer/songwriter/producer combo Ziyon and Ryzor, getting played out on every major radio station in South Africa and garnering a SAMA nomination for Song Of The Year.

But if there were any suggestions that “Fairytale” was a one-off, they’re immediately erased by the new album’s opening track and first single, “Angel”, which has a chorus that’s every bit as catchy as its predecessor. It’s just the start of what genuinely sounds like a greatest hits collection, with attractive chords and sumptuous vocals swimming around a cleverly segued mix.

‘Fabrics Of The Heart’ is a collection of charming love songs – albeit ones that ride supple beats and propulsive basslines; ones that are situated in the world of status messages, smart phones and instant messaging. The sentiments are timeless; the delivery is futuristic – and altogether club- and radio-friendly.

It’s hard to imagine hearing a more coherent musical statement in 2010, but Liquideep’s album also manages to combine harmony and atmosphere with clubland electricity. Plus it ends with a beautiful downtempo reprise of “Fairytale” – a happy ending for sure!

This though is just the start of Liquideep’s assault on the senses of South African listeners – and their stimulation of the pleasure centres of the nation’s dancers. Eagerly-awaited, ‘Fabrics Of The Heart’ surpasses expectations – and everything else on the market – by a fair margin.