Big Brother has Big Fans. So What?

Last week the Big Brother Africa social community passed a milestone when the official facebook page gained its 500 001st fan. It’s great. We have 500 000 fans. But what does it mean?
  • Brand Dissemination
With over 5million newsfeed hits across Facebook, the Big Brother Africa brand is certainly getting out there. Not all eyeballs will turn in to fans, but some will. And better yet, some will click on the newsfeed story and go to the official site.
And the more fans the page gathers, the more the newsfeed will spread.
  • Instant Feedback
The Big Brother facebook fans give instantaneous feedback – and it’s feedback production and the broadcast channel can use. Audio goes down in Abuja? BBA fans post on the Facebook page almost immediately, giving technicians a timely heads up. Don’t like the task set for Housemates this week? Production can gather much-needed intel on where they’re succeeding, and where to put more attention.
Fans on Facebook have a voice.
  • Official Kickback
With growing awareness across Africa of the Big Brother facebook page, there comes a growing awareness – and interest in – the official platforms. Users who were previously only watching the broadcast, are slowly becoming aware of an official site with catch up highlights, feature stories, profiles and – new this year – a pay-wall of exclusive material available online only.
  • The Bottom Line
Big Brother Africa is one of the biggest shows in Africa, and therefore sponsored by some pretty big brands. This year, a partnership has been set up with Coca-Cola. This sponsorship includes branding of all Big Brother Africa video highlight clips, and as these clips spread across Facebook, the sponsor gets higher and higher visibility.
The bottom line counts too.


In Season 6 Don’t Look Down has grown the @BigBroAfrica Twitter account to over 55 000 followers and increased Fans on the Big Brother Africa Facebook page to 508 000.