Chiefs of Comm-erce

UK rock act the Kaiser Chiefs are giving creative fans a chance to make some cash off their next album – by putting the sleeve up for public design.

The band have made 20 tracks from their new The Future is Medieval album available for download (for £7.50) on their website; fans then select the 10 they’d like to appear on “their” album and design a cover for it from the assets provided (including the band’s official album mark). They can then resell the album via the site and earn £1 for each one sold.

The innovative initiative is another example of the kind of community-funded commerce that’s blossomed on the ‘net in recent years and cleverly combines commercial opportunities with competition and social elements. It’s also one of the better examples we’ve seen of musicians embracing the possibilities opened up by the internet rather than simply spurning it for eating into their royalty payments.

Check out more examples of interesting community-funded commerce campaigns on Imprint and check the above video to see the Chiefs’ operation in action.