If you picture the entire London underground map as a board game and yourself as the small hat moving around on it, you get what Chromaroma is all about…

Another “proof is in the pudding” to back up JWT Intelligence’s “10 trends for 2011”, Transport for London and digital production company Mudlark are taking gamification – and location based gaming – to a whole other level. Without using an application, or even a smartphone, Mudlark have made the idea of location-based games and points-earning real. And at the same time, added a level of gamification to the entire transport system in London.

It’s simple really. It’s all in your Oyster card. The ubiquitous Oyster card is owned by just about every Londoner who needs to get from point A to point B on a regular basis. And while it makes hopping on and off transport – underground, buses and the new bicycle system – very easy, it also tracks where you are, for how long, and when. Perfect for a gaming system that wants to reward you for your tranporting activities.

Mudlark have very smartly tapped in to the existing technology of the Oyster card and built and entire game level on it. Earn points each time you arrive at Waterloo station. Earn more for jumping off your bus a stop earlier and taking a stroll. Form teams with your friends to make sure you “own” a venue, or play against them. All with very little extra effort from the user.

According to Contagious Magazine, “It’s hoped that through interacting and experiencing their own data, and by taking part in the competitive elements of the game, the experience of the daily grind across the city will be lightened for users – and that a thirst for points based games will encourage them to explore new areas and occasionally opt for a brisk walk over taking the tube.”

Genius really. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already rolling?