Like me! Please!

Putting exclusive content on your Facebook page for fans only really isn’t new practice, or a new tactic for gathering fans. But being unchartered social media, the moment someone “big” or noticeable does it, it becomes a “new trend” worth watching.

The New Yorker is the latest in a group of media publishers trying out this tactic in a bid to “engage with people who want to engage on a deeper level.”

Mashable has other examples of big players using this tactic, and as far as “hidden content” goes, I think putting content of real value will work out better in the long run. Like Lil Wayne’s first album single that you could have – if you became a fan. Now that’s smart.

The real question everyone should be asking once you’ve duped/tricked/cajoled/convinced people to join your page is – what do you do with them now? You’ve read the exclusive Jonathan Franzen article, now what?

What is the real value is an inflated Facebook fan base?