Tag! You’re It!

After months of complaints from Facebook users, Facebook have recently announced that you can now tag Pages in your photographs – something they previously wouldn’t allow.

At this stage, the feature is available for Brands/Products and People pages only (look out for a flurry of info updates on your favourite pages), but this is still immensely helpful for smaller pages trying to gather an interactive audience. As JWT so astutely puts it, “This opens up a rich array of opportunities for brands to gain awareness outside their owned presence on Facebook—indeed, photo tags may be “the new Likes.””

So how does this get your brand out there?

Take for example a small record label page like House Afrika. With just 1300 fans, it’s not a very big page by anyone’s standards. But, being a record label and not a DJ or a specific artist, it’s also not the type of page fans would activiely seek out. And this is where Facebook photo page tagging can be put to good use. With a little leg work and some dedication from existing fans, tagging each picture that features a DJ signed to the label will get the label out there – possibly to people who love the music, but never knew the page existed.

It has yet to be tested, but the potential is there. It adds a new and intriguing tool to the ever-growing kit social marketers have at their disposal.