The Internet Is A Playground

David Thorne is possibly the funniest guy on the internet – and outside of it since the publication of his book, The Internet Is A Playground. This was recently reprinted by Penguin and arrived with a suitably ludicrous marketing campaign.

Thorne is the very witty guy behind cult humour site 27b/6 (or, which sprang to prominence in 2008 following the publication of an email exchange between Thorne and “Jane Gilles” in which he attempts to pay an overdue bill with a drawing of a seven-legged spider.

Whether it was legitimate or not (and it’s tempting to hope that it was), the exchange spread like wildfire across the social media spectrum, causing the server that hosted Thorne’s site to crash after being inundated by half a million hits in 24 hours.

The hilarity was heightened with the publication of another exchange between Thorne and “Shannon Walkley” in which he torments her endlessly after she asks him to design her a poster for her missing cat, and ‘Party In Apartment 3’ in which he continuously RSVPs to an event in his building that he hasn’t been invited to.

Thorne’s excruciating brand of comedy has since leaped from the world-wide web onto TV (he’s been featured on both Letterman and Conan O’Brien) and into print with the publication of The Internet Is A Playground, a collection of articles and more from Accompanying the book is a highly satirical online marketing campaign residing at

Or, as Thorne calls it, (“because is far too long.”)

For the record, the tally is Bieber – 273994; Thorne – 472…

Video: David Thorne talks candidly with Oprah about Lucius doing a sexy dance and his book.