Tune In, Check In

Get Glue, IntoNow, Miso – these are all TV “check in” applications that allow a user to broadcast what he’s watching on the box right now. But do we care?

The UK’s Orange are the latest to unveil a TV check In application, called “TV Check”. The application will allow a user to check in to any shows he/she is watching, and thereby earn points and badges. Similar to Foursquare for locations, identical to Miso for TV.

But Orange claim to have a much more feature-packed experience with TV Check. Apparently you will be able to check in by merely pointing your phone’s camera at the on-screen picture. And they say they want to “put connected features inside a show”.

The potential for “connected features” and TV programing is huge when we look at a show like Big Brother Africa, where the audience is actively discussing, arguing and commenting during the broadcast on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They are clearly interested in their second screens as much as the primary television screen, but there’s little geared at this tech-savvy and community driven audience.

But without proper integration, and audience interactivity, this would be just another “check in” service. And no, we don’t particularly care about that.