Voting via Facebook

Much like Google started doing years ago, Facebook is getting their fingers in to many pies, and the latest is paid-for TV voting…

Everyone recognises the value in Facebook and the millions of people it has attracted, but what exactly you do with that audience is still up for debate. Musicians and publishers have begun releasing exclusive content to their Facebook fans, but this is still more of an attraction, than an actual purpose for the existence of their pages. Surely Facebook pages can be about more than discussion, feedback and promotion?

Simon Cowell certainly thinks so. In the first example of the social utility really being used to service a TV audience, Britain’s X Factor will allow their viewers to vote via Facebook.

Facebook credits have existed for a while, but up until now have been used primarily in gaming (to buy that new horse, or that new virtual outfit). Now though, in partnership with MIG (Mobile Interactive Group) X Factor fans will be able to cast their vote for their favourite performer through Facebook, using these self-same credits.

At this stage the voting is being reserved for the final stages of the competition only, but now that someone has done it, it opens a world of possibilities. Now what else can we do on Facebook that’s “real”?