Have you ever watched rap battles in Portuguese?

Reis do Rompimento - Jango Magic

Its creators describe Reis do Rompimento as a rap battle show where the artists make creative and intelligent phrases in order to entertain and inform people. This is done in a fast and competitive rhythm, where the main goal is to find the king of “rompimento”, or “word battles”.

About 2 years after the beginning of this idea, Jango Magic – M-Net’s Portuguese offering – decided to bring this show to the TVs of all Angolan people, allowing a greater audience to be entertained by the enthusiastic battle rappers. There is no doubt this is the most popular show on M-Net’s Jango Magic channel today, with great interaction on social media and an increase in website visits every week.

Rompimento has, from its beginning, always been a great success on the internet, particularly on YouTube where its producers would promote the episodes weekly and instantly get hundreds of likes and comments on each video. The episodes are actual events, where a huge audience from different parts of Luanda and diverse social backgrounds come together and pay to see a great show.

At first, the votes for the winner were counted on “Reis do Rompimento’s” Facebook page through the comments, but later on Don’t Look Down introduced a voting system on Jango Magic’s website, which has so far received more than 3 000 votes in a week, for a specific episode. The public is directed to see a highlights video and then to vote on their favourite battle rapper. Now on its 4th season, contestants have to win 5 battles in order to receive the title of King of “Rompimento”, and the public is super enthusiastic to know who it will be!