House Afrika Records has been at the forefront of the local funk scene for almost two decades, cementing deep dance culture into the consciousness of the South African population.
Something Kinda Funky, DLD’s elusive sonic architect offers eccentric and unparalleled audio design.
Pioneer DJ. In this long standing partnership with the industry standard for professional Djs, DLD acts as a test bed for groundbreaking equipment like the DVJ-x1000 and the CDJ-2000 and sees the full range of Pioneer’s latest equipment in constant rotation on air and at events.
Rane Corporation. DLD’s newest technical partnership exploits the benefit of hardware like the Rane Sixty Eight in conjuction with Serato Video SL.
Broadcast Services. DLD manages two broadcast studios inside the M-Net Broadcast Centre and enjoys the benefit of BCS’s outstanding Outside Broadcast facilities.
AV Unlimited. DLD’s long standing staging partner. Scalable, innovative, versatile and efficient.