BBC: Digital Giants

Don’t assume that because of their legacy – and their staid old name! – that the British Broadcasting Corporation isn’t aware of where the edge is in terms of new technology.

To prove it they recently rolled out a fantastic, enlightening and multi-platform initiative titled Superpower, which was aimed at “exploring the extraordinary power of the internet”. Apart from having one of the more interesting site navigation interfaces we’ve seen in a while, a major component of the program was a series of insightful online interviews with key players in the world of the worldwide web.

They included chats with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales about global positioning software and how the web is loosening copyright practices; Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt, who looked forward to a revolution in video conferencing and discussed augmented reality applications; and Nigerian-born supercomputer specialist¬†Philip Emeagwali who was eager to express his views on how high speed data cables can connect Africa.

Fittingly the Superpower season rolled out on TV, radio and web and it hinted at some of the soon-to-be vital technologies that are changing the way we live. These are visions of the future well worth watching.