Idols’ Stunning Social Growth

Don’t Look Down’s strategic approach to updating Idols Season VII’s Facebook and Twitter properties has lead to impressive growth on both platforms – and some serious social capital for the popular reality show.

The latest season of Idols has been widely touted as the best so far, with a highly varied group of vocally-skilled, savvy and controversial contestants. And if one looks at the success of the show on the social media front, it’s been a massive success so far.

At the start of the season in early June, the Idols SA Facebook page (set up at the end of the previous season to replace the season-specific Idols VI page, which had built up a fan-base of around 24 000) had just over 4 000 fans – three months later it’s just short of 19 000 fans – a 375% increase that averages out to over 1000 new ‘Likes’ each week.

Growth on the IdolsSA Twitter page has been just as impressive, with an average over just under 1000 new people following the official Idols stream every week, resulting in just short of 19 000 followers at the end of August.

According to Trendsmap, on Sunday and Tuesday evenings during the two weekly Idols shows, #IdolsSA, #SAI and other hashtag versions of the show’s title, as well as numerous contestant’s names, have trended across the country in at least 10 of the 14 weeks the show has been on air, while the authoritative PeerIndex – which measures social capital in terms of overall audience impact, traction, retweet-ability etc. – currently rates @IdolsSA at a healthy 62 – it has been as high as 68.

This serious social networking upswing can be attributed to Don’t Look Down’s strategically-scheduled rollout of updates, which includes live Tweeting during the show and immediate Facebook links to vital items on the official site, such as exclusive backstage video clips and online-only one-on-ones with the contestants – which DLD is also shooting, editing and uploading.

It’s also down to the company ensuring that all Top 16 contestants are active on both platforms and well informed about the intricacies of using them to their own – and the show’s – advantage.