Survivor SA Goes Social

In addition to handling editorial and video content on the official Survivor SA: Maldives website, Don’t Look Down is keeping M-Net’s reality show on the social map via a strategic update schedule being implemented on the Survivor SA Facebook and Twitter presences.

During the production’s month-long stint in the Maldives shooting the fourth season of the popular show, Don’t Look Down’s team shot a raft of exclusive online clips, including the Survivors getting “Back To Reality”, exit interviews, “Survival Instincts” clips (in which Survivors demonstrate if they have what it takes to survive genuine SOS situations) and Facebook-specific clips in which Survivors pose a survival scenario for the public to supply their answers to.

These clips have been rolling out on (and publicised across) multiple platforms following the weekly shows (Thursdays at 19:30) and have provided one of the levels in DLD’s multi-tiered digital communication policy on Survivor SA that has included regular updates and Facebook and Twitter, including live tweeting and Facebook updates while the show is on-air.

This latter element has proved particularly effective, with a lot of the socially-savvy Survivors joining in the live chat. While the official @Survivor_SA Twitter feed provides blow-by-blow accounts of what’s going on on-screen (from neck-breaking to back-stabbing), Survivors like Vanessa Haywood (@VanHaywood) and Roxy Burger (@Roxyburger) have been tweeting along.

A few weeks back, while Roxy and Vanessa were on-screen moaning about MXO’s lack of manners, Alison de Chazal (@AllyDeChazal) was tweeting about what a ‘breath of fresh air he was’. Bonnie Henna (@BonnieHenna), who was voted out in the penultimate episode last night (19 May), has also been sharing her opinions every week, while Harry Wiggins (@Ha2yWig2ins) joined Twitter after making the Jury – and was quick to tweet that his former Raituhn Tribe probably wouldn’t have lost the maths challenge if they had bothered keeping him in the game!

Widely-regarded as one of the best SA Survivor players ever, Tejan Pillay (@RoShambo42) uses Twitter to talk to his fellow Survivors, often tweeting encouragement to @BonnieHenna and @Letshegom, or joking about how skinny he looks (considering the camera is supposed to add 5kgs!).

Letshego Moshoeu (@Letshegom) – who is in the Final 2 alongside Hykie Berg (@HykieBerg) – usually tweets about her performance in the show (and the various ultra-marathons she’s doing in real time!), while host Nico Panagio (@NicoPanagio) sends out reminders for people to tune in to the show on Thursdays. HykieBerg has recently joined Twitter and one of his first tweets was to @MXO_Survivor, @BonnieHenna and @Letshegom, telling them that he’d go to war with them and that they’re all true Survivors.

@Survivor_SA retweets all of the action and isn’t afraid to enter the fray when needs be!