The Tweet Factor

Simon Cowell is a household name due to his involvement in some of the biggest, hit reality TV shows around the globe. Ruling the airwaves is seemingly not enough for the entertainment mogul though, who has been listed as one of the ‘Most Influential People in the World’ by Time Magazine.

With his latest endeavor, the highly acclaimed entertainment sensation The X Factor, Cowell looks poised to take over the Twittershere as well!

The X Factor is a sizzling singing competition that pits singing groups against individual acts. Anyone from 12-years old and up can enter and they all perform on the same stage, for the same judges and the same national audience.

Like Cowell’s other significant shows (Britain’s Got Talent, and American Idol) the audience get a say in who they think has ‘The X Factor’. What sets this show apart from its counterparts is that, for the first time ever, the audience can vote for their favourites via the free social networking site,

In order to vote for their favourites viewers create a free Twitter account and follow @TheXFactorUSA. Once they have received a follow back from this account they can then send a Direct Message (DM) @TheXFactorUSA with the name of the person, or group, who they want to see progress to the next round. Their guilty pleasures remain private and are never disclosed to the Twitter public.

The X Factor has broken into unchartered territory before when they allowed voting via Facebook, and is effectively upping their social media profile once again.

With innovations like this it’s no wonder that The X Factor is one of the most talked about reality shows on TV, has won a B.A.F.T.A Award and continues to top the charts around the world!


~ Tizzle