DLD digitally enhances Big Brother Africa 7: Stargame

The seventh season of Big Brother Africa started in May and once again Don’t Look Down is provising key support online – and on-air, with a revolutionary new interactive TV presence. The company is also overseeing the massive growth of the show’s social network presences.

Over the past eight seasons, Don’t Look Down has dedicated a team of over a dozen people to managing the digital outputs of the three-month long, 24-7, cross-continental reality show, publishing all the breaking news in the Big Brother House and capturing video footage that’s edited and uploaded on site (including steamier VIP content behind a paywall) on the hugely popular Big Brother Africa website http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/. DLD is also responsible for the content on the iTV applications (available to DStv subscribers on the OK buttons of their remotes).

The company also moderates audience feedback to the show on a non-stop basis. The thousands of thoughts and messages are fed through to a message to TV graphic scene which is overlaid on the two 24 hour Big Brother pay-tv channels (DStv 197 and 198). This season however, Don’t Look Down also oversaw the deployment of a brand new tool that’s opened up the avenues of communication to users on Facebook and Twitter. Rather than just send an SMS to get their views across, fans of the show can now voice their opinions via a Don’t Look Down produced Facebook application on the official website and the show’s Facebook page, or by using two specific hashtags (#StarGame and #BigBroAfrica) on Twitter, and see their own social profiles displayed on air with their messages..

This broadening of interfaces for audience reaction has lead to massive growth on these two social platforms. In between season 6 and 7, the show’s Facebook page grew by over 100 000 people to over 700 000; less than a month into the show that number now sits at close to 830 000 (and looks set to hit the million mark by season-end), while the show’s Twitter following is just short of 200 000 – more than double what it was at the beginning of the season.

With innovative new interaction mechanisms and a solid content strategy, Don’t Look Down is enhancing the continent’s biggest show.