Don’t Look Down works on Vuzu in a number of ways: video, networking and production

Vuzu video highlights and full length episodes are uploaded to the VUZU.TV/PLAY page daily. Our highlights include the most unforgettable moments from Vuzu’s local TV shows, as well as exclusive web series, and extra insider footage into the world of V (up to 70 videos per week). Videos are promoted on the Vuzu official site, Twitter, on Facebook and on V Prime.

The Vuzu network is moderated daily to find user profiles to feature on the Vuzu site. This moderation and selection in turn feeds in to the scripting for V Prime with featured profiles, user comments and uploads.

Don’t Look Down also runs the @VuzuLive twitter feed, which specifically services the live shows on Vuzu (Hit Refresh, V Entertainment, The Verge, V Prime) and enables users to send message to TV (V Prime and Hit Refresh).