Our Journey on Miss SA

Fifty years and still going strong… that is the Miss South Africa pageant. This year, its organisers, Sun International have tasked Don’t Look Down Productions with conceptualising and producing the reality TV format: The Road to Miss South Africa and the glitzy live finale, at Sun City.

The first part of the show (Episodes 1 and 2) chronicles the journey of those that attended Auditions, and made it to the Top 33. From Episode 2 to 9, the journey focuses on the Top 12, going through unique and fun Challenges.

Don’t Look Down Entertainment has managed the digital presence of the show – everything from the website, to social accounts, creating an Instagram account and the Facebook pages for all of the Top 12 Contestants. These pages are updated daily with contestant specific content, as well as show related content.

Website content revolves around a rich multimedia format including articles, videos, and images. Each week, exclusive interviews, extended Challenges from each of the Top 12, quizzes, room tours, and engaging conversation is uploaded, and circulated across all social platforms.

During the shoot, the Contestants were all handed mobile devices to record their journeys. The videos are used in a candid behind-the-scenes look in each show, and the photos are meticulously sorted and shared on the Instagram, the official Facebook account and the Contestant pages.

The final, live broadcast takes place on 30 March and will be aired on Mzansi Magic.