The Voice SA app: first of its kind in SA

Don't Look Down was instrumental in the development of The Voice SA app.

Besides growing the online and social media audience for South Africa’s newest singing competition, Don’t Look Down was also instrumental in bringing to life the first app in South Africa to let the audience participate live with a show during its broadcast.

Yes, The Voice SA audience isn’t limited to the usual Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for its second screen experience (although these are still catered for with the typical DLD flair). The Voice SA app gives users the same amount of time as the coaches to rate the talent they see on TV directly on the app. It’s almost like being right there in studio.

There’s also a weekly game, which allows users to listen to a Blind Audition clip and then guess if the chair will turn, meaning that the audience can listen to parts of the auditions before they even air.

The live games are run, well, live. Nothing is scheduled. It’s not only the coaches who have to keep their heads when pressing buttons…

After the first episode of The Voice SA, a massive 32 new videos were uploaded to the app (spare a thought for the video editors), so users get to watch their favourite performances again… and again.

The Voice SA V-Reporter, Stacey Norman, will take users behind the scenes of your favourite episodes to watch the moments you didn’t see on screen, or read all about them.

Like a talent? Tap the heart next to their name and you can follow the content related to them. (We can’t do the same for Coach Bobby and his abs, sorry.)

Although, speaking of abs, users can also favourite videos to add them to their playlist. In case they wanted to save that audition clip in which Karen lifts Bobby’s shirt…

There are new features that users will be able to interact with during the Blinds and the Live shows. What, you ask? Wait just a little longer to find out. We’re great at keeping secrets.