DLD at the Durban July


Don’t Look Down curated impactful coverage across all channel digital platforms for Durban July channel-sponsored events and activities. In order to create an interactive experience to give viewers and followers a full experience of the events, a content strategy was prepared to create excitement, keep VUZU followers updated about the events, and to push ticket sales.

To promote the event on the website and all official social media accounts, the following was published;


  • Branded flyers were published daily to drive ticket sales and inform the public of the performance line-ups for each channel sponsored event.
  • A write up with relevant information about the weekend was published and shared a week ahead of the events.
  • Photos, memes and gifs were published on all channel social media accounts as part of the pre-event rollout strategy.


At the core of it, our strategy was focused on giving viewers and followers full access to the Durban July. The digital coverage of the events gave viewers real time updates of the action from the scene. Pictures and clips of VUZU presenters, celebrities, live performances, action from behind the scenes and shots from different marquees created a seamless multiplatform experience of the events.


The Durban July was rounded up with compelling content that took viewers back to the weekend that was. These included fashion focus features on the website, video highlights, a photo gallery and a WeChat poll.