The Voice Angola: the first on the African continent

The Voice Angola

Angola played host to the very first seasons of The Voice ever produced on the African Continent. With public auditions starting in August 2015 in the cities of Luanda and Benguela – about 100 very enthusiastic talents were selected and flew to South Africa for the recording of the show, together with some of their family members and friends.

Four of the most renowned Angolan artists (Yola Semedo, Dji Tafinha, Walter Ananaz and Paulo Flores) were chosen to as coaches while The Voice’s V-Reporter, Weza Solange, was in charge of engaging with the viewers, talents and coaches in the show and bringing all the behind the scenes content and exclusive videos into the official website during the Blinds and Battles phase. On the Live Shows, Weza interacted with the audience through messages and polls in the V-Room, a special space where she also interviewed the talents in between their performances.

Mariedne Feliciano was eventually crowned The Voice of Angola, with the most amount of votes by the public.

Don’t Look Down provided a Portuguese speaking team of writers and video editors working and contributing to the best behind the scenes content for The Voice Angola fans. DLD’s tenacious efforts resulted in the accumulation of around 60 000 people on social media channels in less than 5 months while the website received around 20 000 unique visits each week, generating 1.5 million page impressions running to the Finale! The content, which included performances, exclusive content and promotions, received over 3.3 million views online – a great start to hopefully many more seasons to come. To see more about the first season of The Voice Angola and the content created and produced by Don’t Look Down visit: