V-Entertainment Season 11: Deeper insights

V-Entertainment features a new set of celebrity guests each week, including two round-table specials a month, with a panel of experts and industry insiders. Viewers can find exclusive unseen footage of these sessions on 1Magic’s website.

The show, produced by Don’t Look Down Productions, will cross over to events like the Samas, Miss South Africa and DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards, featuring live interviews with local celebrities backstage and exclusive glimpses into some of South Africa’s most glamorous events.

Viewers can send comments or questions to the guests in studio, which will appear live on the screen during the show, giving fans a uniquely interactive experience.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of each episode is available online shortly after it has aired, as well as a digital extension of the show called ‘The After Party’ for viewers to enjoy via Youtube/Facebook live after the broadcast – all adding to the integration of the experience of the show on-air and online.

Catch #VEntertainment on 1Magic, Fridays at 18:10, and on VUZU at 20:00! Stay connected at 1magic.tv.