Disney’s The Lion King LIVE in Concert roars to life

Raising one of the world’s most acclaimed animations to even greater heights through a live performance of the original score, prominent South African conductor Eddie Clayton will provide a unique dimension of musical substance to the screening of Disney’s The Lion King LIVE in Concert. The performances will take place at The Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria on the 10th, 11th and 12th of December.

Eddie will lead the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra with seamless synchronicity throughout this unprecedented screening, a concept which guarantees an audio-visual experience for the whole family, never before seen in South Africa.

Eddie Clayton says; “I have always loved The Lion King from the first moment I saw the original movie and when I took my family to the new 2019 version I was captivated all over again. Needless to say when I got the call to conduct ‘Disney’s The Lion King LIVE in Concert’ – I couldn’t believe it!  The whole concept of watching the movie with a live 84 piece symphony orchestra is simply a dream come true and to be conducting Hans Zimmer’s score is both an honour and privilege. I am also incredibly excited to be working with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra again. As the premier orchestra in South Africa, I know that this wonderful orchestra is going to bring Walt Disney’s story, quite literally, to life.”

To ensure an entrancing musical escapade, the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra has assembled an astonishingly large ensemble made up of 84 renowned musicians. This monumental orchestra is composed of 50 string players, 11 woodwinds, 13 brass, 1 harp, 6 percussion, 1 guitarist, 1 electric bass and a keyboard. The soaring orchestral sounds will transport the audience into Simba’s playful world with all its adventure, love and loyalty, as well as the jealousy, threats and danger of their wicked and wily foes.

“The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra is excited to be part of the stunning project: Disney’s The Lion King – the all new film live in concert at the Sun Arena. The orchestra score/soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is diverse and riveting – a must to experience live,” states Bongani Tembe, Chief Executive and Artistic Director.

There are few words to describe the breath-taking precision, delicacy and power of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Established in the year 2000, this meticulously appointed orchestra includes some of the best South African and international instrumentalists and has received frequent global acclaim, as well as having been chosen as the orchestra of choice for State functions in Gauteng. Having garnered too many accolades to mention, they will deliver a flawless reproduction of the great Oscar® and GRAMMY® – winning composer Hans Zimmer’s original motion picture soundtrack from the all-new 2019 film.

The legendary John Favreau’s epic animation film which smashed global records, in combination with the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra is set to entrance audiences on the 10th, 11th and 12th of December at Pretoria’s Time Square, with an additional show on the afternoon of the 12th.

Tickets are on sale exclusively through Computicket with prices starting from R200 per person. Visit www.computicket.com. FNB customers will have the opportunity to purchase tickets via Computicket or eBucks.com. In addition, FNB customers can choose to pay for their tickets in eBucks or part-pay for them with the Pay in eBucks functionality on the FNB App.